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About assessments and language options

Decorative flowers.
Decorative flowers.

In these versions, we don’t differentiate a neutral gender. Nevertheless, our books continue using expressions and grammatical constructions that invite the readers to question gender binaries and power dynamics expressed through language.

Standard inclusive language (Lenguaje inclusivo estándar)

Non-binary language
(Lenguaje no binario)

Are you buying our materials in Spanish? Bear in mind this before buying!


Spanish is a gendered-based language, and the masculine forms absorb the feminine in the plural. That is why at regenÜrate we have a proposal to give new life to this beautiful language! 

All of our books in Spanish can be found in two different versions. One is written in an standard inclusive language and the other one in a non-binary language. 

Language Options (Spanish)

If you buy these versions, you’ll find that we use the letter “e” as a neutral grammatical gender in some nouns, adjectives, and articles (only those referring to human lifes). For example, you will encounter a warm invitation to debate not with your “compañeros” or “amigos”, but with your “compañeres” or “amigues”. We want everyone to feel included in this conversation!

Impact Assessment Services

Here’s how it works:


Write to us in order to acquire the impact assessment.


Before starting the activities, scan the code in the beginning of the activity book or guidebook to answer some questions that let us get to know you a little better. Don’t forget to fill in your e-mail address!


Enjoy your regenerative material at your own pace.


Once finished, scan the code at the end of the activity book or guidebook and answer the questions. Don’t forget to include the same e-mail address you used for the first evaluation.


Our team will compare both evaluations, read your proposals, and will write you a letter to tell you what we analyzed, celebrate what we learned about you, and give you feedback about your experience and growth.

If you want to know more about our evaluations, their components, and other specialized services for educational institutions, consult our website for