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Regenerative education

All of our programs are free with limited capacity!


The purpose of our regenerative global citizenship training is to offer a virtual space to train the rising generation of students in exploring macro adversities connecting with other English or Spanish speaking students around the globe and co-creating micro actions.


One of the objectives of regenÜrate is to provide an innovative, inclusive, transdisciplinary educational experience, where the rising generation can learn and train to face the challenges, adversities, and realities that the world and its inhabitants are living today.

Our educational training is based on the Global Goals. We train students to connect to the the reality we are living and its impacts on their lives. We guide them to prepare innovative actions to transform global adversities to opportunities.

This is a space that transcends traditional education systems, as students can learn through games, music, hands-on, experiments and much more with the guidance of our professional and diverse team.

*Please note that our summer training will be entirely in Spanish. We will be programming an English session based on demand, please fill out the form if you are interested in English training! 


  • Classes will last approximately 1:30 to 2 hours daily from Monday to Friday for two weeks.​​

  • Students will need access to a stable internet connection, camera, and computer. 

  • Hours: There are two timing options to choose from 10:00 am to 11:30 am (GMT-5) or 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm (GMT-5)

  • For our grade 1 and grade 2 students, we ask that an adult (sibling, grandparents, legal guardian) accompany the student during the training.


NOTE: For a list of materials needed for class, please see the following tab that lists the summary of activities and the material list for each grade group.

Why regenÜrate?

regenÜrate invites the rising generation to live an educational training based on a unique curricula style that has garnered the support of Global Education Foundations, Ministries of  Education, and Private Schools around the globe.

This is a space where students can connect on local impacts of global adversities and mutual collaboration and co-create micro actions.

Our lesson plans and training sessions are built on a flexible structure that challenges all students to develop and grow essential life skills and learning styles. 

We assess the impact of our style of education as a continuous process with a qualitative assessment of base level, effort, emotional intelligence, experience during the learning process.

We approach the themes from a transdisciplinary perspective including social, cultural, environmental, energy systems, food security, water security, and entrepreneurship issues, among the rest of the Global Goals.

Most of the materials used for the development of the classes are common household items or easy to acquire. 

The team that will guide the sessions are licensed educators and are diverse culturally and professionally. 

Risk learning something new, because that will give you access to new and different opportunities that regenerates: gives life to life!

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