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What kind of education catalyzes regeneration?

Decorative flowers.
Decorative flowers.

These are the ingredients that constitute our pedagogical style

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Aligned with the 17 Global Goals

We use the Global Goals as the themes to our services. By training the rising generations about the state of our world and exploring regenerative actions, we are cultivating a strong transdisciplinary future of global stewardship. Students will be equipped, starting from the first grade, to understand the challenges we face and transform them into opportunities.

A flower with a planet in the middle.

Based on reality

Our services are a channel to connect the rising generation to the reality we are living, its impacts, and the opportunities of transformation. This reality is what the rising generations are inheriting. Accordingly, they will be a vital force for shapeshifting, change-making, and evolving towards birthing a regenerative order on Earth.

Diverse hands giving different objects such as a heart, a drop of water, a tree leaf and a heart.


We create inclusive curricula by constructing learning materials, activities, and spaces that train a global population of students with a wide-range of capabilities through awareness, mind-expansion, catered to diverse learning styles and a multisensorial approach.

Inclusivity fosters the essence of belonging, which allows for life’s purposes to be cultivated and realized. We celebrate, respect, and educate on the diverse richness of planet Earth including (but not limited to): gender, race, ethnicity, language, capabilities, culture, worldviews, socioeconomic, and ecosystems.

A test tube, a pencil and a microscope.


Visualizing and (re)creating phenomena of the real world creates a deeper connection with the planet via scientific methods. Our activity based curricula is rooted in practical learning which involves formulating, observing, constructing, transforming, hypothesizing, analyzing, testing, and concluding.  The scientific method, always critical and in communion with empathy and social awareness, experiencing, building, and transforming with all the senses.

Hands sharing puzzle pieces.


Our transdisciplinary approach to learning is the practice of the interconnectedness of everything.  Reality is complex and cannot be studied in isolation. We integrate all parts for learning to identify the intricate webs of interrelations. This allows for understanding consciousness for what it is and addressing adversities and actions through a multi-stakeholder approach. Students are able to identify their roles in the intricate webs of life.

Planet earth with a mortarboard.

Aligned with global education standards

We continually study the world’s most innovative educational programs. We compiled the education standards that students must complete for each grade level from the top performing regions. By understanding the global benchmarks for education, we carefully curate a mix of innovative standards and our own secret recipe to create and elevate a unique universal paradigm of education.

Brain character with strong arms.

In harmony with people's neurological and physiological growth

We identify and track emotional, social, neurological, and physiological changes at each grade level. We use this research as a tool to create activities that support, complement, and stimulate the growth of the brain and interconnected systems. Student activity books are created for them to take charge of their journey on Earth and identify how their actions contribute to their growth, including neuroplasticity and development of new neural pathways.

Decorative flowers.
Decorative flowers.
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