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Every citizen is unique and valuable


Celebrating uniqueness generates abundance 

We believe that each being is unique and makes a valuable contribution from their differences in the collaborative effort to build a livelier world.

Our inclusion and accessibility department is present in different stages of creation, design, feedback, and implementation to ensure that the content is inclusive to diversity and accessible through different mediums. 


Diversity is essential when dealing with content. It is present in each story, character and in the multiple realities that are described  in our packages. We seek to empathize with the diverse circumstances of each being to explore the world in all its depth. Transcending the segmentation of learning by subjects and normalizations, we delve into an interrelated totality in which everyone is essential.


We plan our activities towards self-

development, instead of competition with others, to generate abundance.  Every experience embraces the ability to absorb knowledge through all of our senses. For this reason, we encourage the implementation of practices in which students use, in addition to sight and hearing, their touch, taste and smell, which stimulates the different learning styles (visual, auditory, kinesthetic).


Our educational material incorporates accessibility recommendations and tools for the learning experience, materials (textures, use of sound sources, haptic maps, models, 3D elements, etc.), and digital space (alternative text, subtitles, contrast, graphic reinforcements and sound etc).


The future is now


We are aware that we still have much work to do and the journey is intricate, we are firm in our commitment to regeneration that is inclusive and collaborative for all.

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