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Jolita, first Angel investor in regenÜrate

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Jolita did several small jobs in stores and factories, never really finding her flow. One day, after settling in England, she became involved in an institution for adults with learning and mental health difficulties. Eventually, she started working as an interpreter for the police and the judiciary. And she felt it: "that was me." Since then, Jolita has dedicated her life to service. "If I can give, I will."

She has learned a lot. Despite being surrounded by stories of exclusion, injustice, and violence since childhood, all these experiences have provided her with her most precious learning: forgiveness, a skill that impacts both the world around us and our own mental health. For her, it is the most important lesson in life. Forgiving, Jolita learned, begins with understanding other people and oneself, and then it's about "accepting what happens, learning from mistakes, and moving forward."

But where do we get the strength to forgive? "It's within us," she tells us. "We just have to develop it with our skills." Her response made us think: As educators, how can we train these skills for forgiveness? Could all those competencies that underpin current global education—critical thinking, problem-solving, global citizenship—be directed to expand the human soul towards forgiveness, kindness, and love?

When Jolita decided to educate her daughter at home, these questions were also at the heart of her decision. At home, Jolita had received a very structured and discipline-focused education, and witnessed both violence from teachers towards students, and unfair treatment among students, especially due to their differences. "That stayed in my head." So she wanted a different learning experience for her daughter, whose learning foundation would be human values and life skills. In that sense, home education meant flexibility for both of them.

"Children are under so much pressure. We take away their childhood, we don't allow them to be children. Look, some kids come home at 5 pm and leave at 8 am, that's a whole workday!" And freedom: freedom to cook, walk, see squirrels in the park, travel, and take holidays.

When we asked her about the world she envisions for her daughter, she laughs tenderly. Her words—worth not paraphrasing or summarizing—embody a feeling that parents will share:

"I would like her to see a world all in pink, with a little bit of sparkle here, there, and there... but let's face it: life can be tough, and I may not be there to help. So I want to see her strong enough to deal with it, and I want her to always remember that we are travelers. We don't take material wealth with us. I want her to know how to take care of herself, to be wise, to take a step back if necessary to take a break and reflect on her main purpose in this world, and you know, to be able to move forward. To know how to overcome obstacles, in one way or another. And if she can't, to know how to leave them, to go around them, to jump over them if she can't go through them... and just keep moving forward."

Through our educational services, we work every day to create a world that reflects Jolita's worldview for the rising generations.

Jolita in the regeneration network.

Jolita joined our journey in the twilight of 2020. Thanks to her investment in such a challenging year, RegenÜrate was able to expand its team and launch educational material for two Global Goals: Goal 16 - Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions, and Goal 5 - Gender Equality. Furthermore, she inspired us to include a mental health component in our student and facilitator content.

As an investor, she had to do a lot of research. "I wanted to invest in somewhere that was ethical by my standards and did not contradict my religious beliefs. I want to see meaning, a higher purpose." Also, as a homeschool educator, she was drawn to our pedagogical proposal, which can be used in other settings beyond the strict school curriculum. Indeed, she was intrigued by our practical and reality-based approach, which allows each student to learn life skills.

Wisely, her advice for investors is similar to the type of education she instills in her daughter: "Research, always research, and never step back from your ethos or convictions... If something doesn't feel right, don't do it. Don't think about what generates money: money comes and goes. If there's something that makes sense to you, if you see the purpose, go ahead."

Recently, Jolita launched her digital agency that offers all kinds of services - website building, optimization, SEO, social media, and much more. Jolita: thank you for being part of the regeneration network! We wish you the best of luck in your new adventure in the digital world.

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