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Benefits of regenerative education

In institutions 

  • The institution complies with the Colombian Ministry of Education's requirement to promote comprehensive sexual education, peace education and environmental education.

  • The contents and competencies evaluated in the ICFES and PISA tests are reinforced while skills required for the university and work environment are applied. Additionally, the foreign language requirement can be reinforced by working on the material in English. 

  • The institution is positioned in the global panorama as one of the schools that integrates in its curriculum UNESCO's education for sustainable development plan aligned with the standards of international education ministries. 

  • It allows for a flexible and varied implementation, localized to the interests and needs of the institution: as transversal projects, PRAE, in-depth subjects, recreational vacations, academic support, etc. 

  • Educational material promotes inclusive learning, e-books are accessible and compatible with voice reader software.  

In work groups with children and young people 

  • Recognize the importance of their role in society and in the world.

  • To raise awareness of the wide range of opportunities and pathways they can pursue through education.

  • Develop and strengthen professional life skills.

  • Strengthen capacity in research, participation and transformation.

  • Connect with the reality that is lived in the world and its context, in order to generate actions that enhance the life of their territories. 

In extracurricular activities

  • Use of free time in activities that enhance their learning.

  • Have a variety of materials for recreation.

  • Strengthen the bonds of affection with those with whom he or she lives with on a daily basis.

  • Promote autonomy and responsibility to meet the proposed goals. 

  • The schedules are flexible, you can organize the times according to your availability. 

  • The proposed activities can be carried out in different places, such as the home, a park, a library, among others. All this, in order to reinforce the exploratory capacity. 

Customers and partners

What does our community say?


"We never imagined that a subject as complex as energy in its various manifestations could be treated with children at such an early age, but the playful and experiential way in which regenÜrate approaches it manages to motivate them, encouraging their attention and learning."

-Clara, mother, Colombia

"It was a divine experience! I love learning and I am so grateful to have learned about something as important as gender equality because, in addition to learning, I can fight for myself and for those who have no voice."

-Denisha, 15 years, Panama.

"I discovered in myself my ability to express my opinions and relate to people in a better way. And I learned a lot about how renewable energy works and how much of a disadvantage certain groups of the population are at."

-Mara, 15 years old, Mexico City

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