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Calling all Education Professionals, Families, Enterprises, Investors, and Artists!

To celebrate

Since September 2019 we have been committed to our mission and values of transforming learning spaces. To date, we have published 7 learning modules! With over 28 more on the way for 9 of the 17 Global Goals, which are in different stages of editing, design, impact assessment, and implementation.

We have ran successful regenerative implementations in Jordan, Colombia, and Mexico and are in contracting phases with private schools, ministries of education and foundations around the world. 

Be part of our next steps as education professionals, families, investors, and artists! Get in touch with us via the contact links!

Teachers, collectives, and education administrators

Educational institutes interested in implementing regenerative education will find a wide range of material to work with their students.

  • A curriculum that challenges students to expand their comfort zones.

  • Projects that prepare students to face the global adversities they are inheriting.

  • Methodologies that develop the skills needed for higher education and today's workplace.

  • Comprehensive, didactic, and practical ways to complement school learning and apply knowledge to daily action.

  • Activities that accompany the cognitive, emotional, and physical development of students at each school stage, flexibly adaptable to their needs, interests and learning preferences.

  • Our impact evaluations are an additional tool that the institution can use to track the growth of its students in the areas of process of learning, life skills, emotional intelligence, and contribution to the Global Goals.

Homeschool families and community educators

Regenerative education can also be implemented at home and other spaces of learning. In addition to offerings for school professionals, families and homeschool plans can use our programs to:

  • Diversify the educational sources for their children and students.

  • Develop hands-on quality time when accompanying the activities.

  • Build meaningful relationships with their children's dreams and ways of thinking, thus supporting their emotional and personal development.


Non-Profit Organizations, Start-ups, and Artists

Are you interested in partnering or joining forces for the same goal? Get in touch with us!

  • We provide trainings and festivals aimed at youth.

  • We curate virtual and in-person events related to the Global Goals.



We are looking for angel investors and micro-investments to expand our service offering. The next steps in our project include:

  • Translate our curriculum to reach a broader global audience.

  • Build our digital platform to connect students from all over the world and collaborate on local actions.

  • Develop the training of facilitators for regenerative education.

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