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Impact assessments

The evaluations we implement have the objective of assessing different competencies to track the growth of each student, they are designed to give individual feedback to each person according to their own process. Our parameters are based on neurological, behavioral and pedagogical studies.  

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How do we approach the assessment process?

  • All Activity Books and Pedagogical Orientation Guides have a QR code to access the evaluations digitally. 

  • Each participant is free to respond in writing, as images, audios, videos, or in the form that is most accessible to them.

Base assessment

we want to know more about you.

We applied a baseline assessment prior to regenerative education.

Final assessment


We propose a second evaluation at the end of regenerative education to measure its impact on each student. 


Our team collates the data from each evaluation to write a personalized letter to each student celebrating their achievements and proposing new reflections that will allow them to continue to evolve. We also take each comment to adjust our educational practice. 


We systematize evaluation data to prepare institutional reports and regeneration education plans. 

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