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My body, my rights

Diego F. Mera, Alejandra L. Parra y Karen E. Samboni

Aug 11, 2021

Each of the teenagers assumed with responsibility their mission to navigate and manage the helm of their life, body, and sexuality in order to celebrate their sexual and reproductive rights.

Accompanied by Hermes, the hummingbird, and students between ages 11 and 14 years, we explored in this V Training the Global Goal 3: Health and Well-being. Each of the teenagers assumed with responsibility their mission to navigate and manage the helm of their life, body, and sexuality in order to celebrate their sexual and reproductive rights.

Through sensitive activities, we went through different perspectives of sexuality. We reflected on the sexual nature of every human being, we understood how sexuality transcends the relationship with genitality, and we used different tools to empower our decision-making and enjoy the freedom of our identity, body, and sexuality.

During the trainings, the students recalled by means of their senses networks of emotions that helped to weave and build paths of harmony, love, protection, respect, responsibility with themselves and with others. Each participant had the possibility through games to build arguments against stereotypes, to understand the processes of evolution, transformation of their body during this stage of their life, and to color themselves as diverse and authentic beings.

At the same time, we worked on the topic of pleasure experienced through the different senses, the rumors that some people share about sexuality and sexually transmitted diseases or infections. All this triggered the importance of researching these topics as well as seeking the advice of professionals and valid institutions to clarify some perceptions about sexuality. Within this framework, each student created a publication to encourage others to educate themselves and investigate specialized advice on these topics.

Through simulation games, the students experimented and reflected on the implications of having a pregnancy at an early age within their life project and celebrated through the Hummingbird Festival all their sexual and reproductive rights. There was a space to recognize the similarity of some dances of the world with the courtship of animals, birds, and Hermes, as well as the relationship of each personal choice made from that courtship, with the respect and fulfillment of sexual and reproductive rights.


Global Goal: sexual health and well-being

At the beginning

Stated that they felt that sexuality was a taboo subject that was difficult to deal with.

At the beginning

Stated that they had never had any contact with the subject of sexuality.

Life skills

At the end

Expressed a commitment generated through love, respect, care, protection and social responsibility to work on global and local adversities linked to sexuality education.

Learning process

At the end

Affirmed that sexuality is part of our nature as humans. The students assumed the commitment to investigate and debate in order to assume their sexual education responsibly.

Emotional intelligence

At the end

Expressed empathy and self-awareness in the face of situations involving recognition of their own and collective emotions and states of mind.


Students representing stereotypes visually.

Representations of students' life cycles

Fragrances created by students using natural extracts to explore pleasure through their senses.

"I would say to that child who is influenced by stereotypes: set as a goal the achievement of your ideas instead of the perfection that others sell and we do not know if it is real. You are real. Some people are paralyzed by their desire for perfection and by the fact that they want to look like others and do not realize that they themselves are perfect because they are them and that makes them unique."

—Isabel, 13 years old, student from Colombia

"Not everything on the internet is true, it is best to seek information from someone who knows or works with these issues."

—Valeria, 12 years old, student from Argentina

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