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What do our students say?


Jan 26, 2021

Gilberto dreams, for example, of building cars that clean the air, as if they were trees.

The team at regenÜrate is grateful for all of the students who accompany us during our Global Trainings and partner schools. Our educational process is very personalized as we review the list of countries, schools, the recommendations that their parents and guardians leave us, the learning surveys that they fill out before starting. We arrange the space from where we are going to virtually give our training, we prepare the materials, add final touches to the student handbooks, and make sure that everything is in order.

It is exciting to meet students for the first time and it is even more moving to see students joining us again for a second training. We want to spotlight Carlos and Gilberto, two students with very different dreams, and with a wonderful disposition to participate, innovate, and create a regenerative world.

Gilberto is 12 years old and from Mexico. As a technology lover, his dream is to be an inventor. He wants to create inventions that help both the environment and people. He dreams, for example, of building cars that clean the air, as if they were trees. That concern arose from everything that he has heard on the news, that many people do not have enough resources to get water and other basic essentials. It was because of that seed that he had in himself that, as a result of the virtual meeting on Global Objective 6: Clean water and sanitation, he was encouraged to implement water conservation measures at home.

Carlos is 13 years old and from Guatemala. His dream is to complete a university degree in violin. “I really liked that we did not take as a specific theme, but that each day was a different theme, a set of the same theme.” In his house they have cultivated with him an interest in re-evaluating their consumption habits and waste disposal. Like Gilberto, Carlos came with his own seed. The meeting made him reflect on regeneration itself, which he understands not only as taking care of things, but also in relation to the process of brain regeneration. Regenerating, Gilberto teaches us, is a way of acting and thinking, because you discard what does not serve you and grab what serves you, with that you create new content.


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