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The roots of regenÜrate are an intertwining between "regenerate", "nür" and "you"


Give life to life. It is the process of renewal and rebirth that allows ecosystems to be resilient, harmonious and evolutionary. It is a natural phenomenon that all species are capable of experiencing.


"Fire" in Aramaic, "divine light" in Arabic. Light makes photosynthesis possible. Life as we know it today on Earth comes from the same source of energy that catalyzes the expansion of the universe.


Our training focuses on YOU. We seek to make students, caregivers, and faculty aware of their direct and indirect impacts on the planet. Regeneration is not possible without recognizing and transforming personal and collective responsibility.

In a cloud forest, where the Amazon meets the Andes, a space was born with the intention of (re)connecting students with nature.

We organized 80 educational events there (workshops, festivals, planting days and school trips) that received more than 1,500 participants. Teachers and caregivers were surprised by the response of students to our educational style.

The seed has evolved to become regenÜrate LLC. We are developing learning modules for children and young people between the ages of 6-18 that can be put into practice in various learning spaces (formal and informal).

We have slowly begun to reach different places. We will keep working until we fulfill our vision of implementing "regeneration" as a core subject in all the learning spaces of the world (schools, learning at home, etc.)!

Eventually, the different seeds that students and faculty are planting in our program will interbreed, germinate, and mature into forests and endless regenerative systems that feed, pollinate, and mobilize a new rhythm of life. Contact us to grow together!

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