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How evaluation impacts the regenerative process?

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Impact evaluations


We don’t believe in assigning grades since it is a one-dimensional method that evaluates the ability to remember information, not an indicative measure of the impact of education on a person. Additionally, labeling answers as right or wrong does not provide a significant impact on the learning process. 


That is why our evaluations are a way for students and facilitators to reflect and respond from their own points of view, experiences, needs, and motivations. They are designed to give individual feedback to each person according to their own process. With these evaluations, users strengthen the learning process, life skills, emotional intelligence, and achievement of the Global Goals and targets.


  • We create evaluations for students and facilitators.

  • All of the activity books and facilitators’ guidebooks have a QR code to access the evaluations digitally.

  • Each participant has the freedom to respond by writing, using images, audio, videos, or in the manner that is most accessible to them.

How does the evaluation process work?