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Inclusion and Accesibility

At RegenÜrate, we believe that by sharing and interacting while celebrating our differences in gender, culture, race, ethnicity, beliefs, and abilities, we enrich each other. Therefore, we desire for the message of transformation to evolve while being enriched with ideas from all corners of the planet.

We believe that each individual is unique and makes a valuable contribution based on their differences in collaborative efforts to build a more vibrant world.

Group of people mixing different ingredients into a bowl.
Group of diverse children regenerating the world.



Diversity is fundamental when it comes to addressing our content. It is present in every story, character, and in the multiple realities that are described and represented in our books. We seek to empathize with the diverse circumstances of each individual to read the world in all its depth. In this way, and moving away from the segmentation of learning into subjects and standardization, we delve into an interconnected totality in which each person is essential.



We direct our activities towards personal growth that generates abundance instead of competition with other individuals. We envision each proposal embracing the human ability to absorb knowledge through all of our senses. Therefore, we encourage the implementation of practices in which, in addition to sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell are utilized, which nourish different learning styles.

Group of diverse children creating a net with a ball of yarn.
Illustration of drum, apple, bowl with flour, texture lines and hand touching.



Our educational material incorporates recommendations for access and tools, whether for physical spaces and concrete materials (textures, use of sound sources, haptic maps, models, 3D elements, etc.) or digital (alternative text, subtitling, contrast, graphic and sound reinforcements, etc.).

The future awaits


We are aware that there is still much work to be done, the road is intricate, which is why we work with the objective of regenerating the planet with the participation and collaboration of all.

Illustration of planet earth with diverse individuals around.
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