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Costs of war and alternative

Angie and Josué

Nov 30, 2020

We evaluated our own perspectives on xenophobia and studied how migration actually always brings entrepreneurship, knowledge, and economic stimulation!

With 15-18 year old students we explored Global Goal 16: Peace, Justice, and Solid Institutions, from the perspective of indicator 16.1: significantly reduce all forms of violence and related death rates everywhere.

The experience in this week of regenerative training has been very rewarding. It was amazing to know that the students already had a solid foundation on the subject of war and violence. This space allowed them to question and expand their perceptions.

Themes we explored included the direct and indirect costs of wars. Other missions included evaluating countries spending between war, education, entrepreneurship, and science and technology. We evaluated our own perspectives on xenophobia and studied how migration actually always brings entrepreneurship, knowledge, and economic stimulation! Through the exchange of ideas, teamwork, and spaces of safe dialogue actions became regenerative realities.

Through the didactic activities, we realized that the realities of the wars raised opportunities about how to promote regenerative actions. And even more, we were excited to see that some attendees brought their personal experiences to connect us with the importance of community thinking and stakeholder engagement. What are we sacrificing that is essential to be able to live together? How is it possible that so much money is invested in generating death and destruction?

Education is a fundamental right to reduce inequality, avoid conflicts and help us make decisions. For this reason, for the attendees it is essential that the issue of regeneration after war be approached from different spaces and stakeholders. Education is a vital force in promoting a more sensitive human transformation towards its causes and effects.

Although it was a rather intricate subject, thanks to the diversity of activities and nationalities there was a constant interest to take regenerative actions to reduce violence and impacts of war. Thank you all for your company, trust and participation!


"This week I lived a very grateful experience. It was quite unique and pleasant to talk with other people about situations in their corresponding countries. It was fun and exciting to be able to know things that I didn’t know before".

Ale - student Guatemala

I really loved it, I learned a lot, I got a very rewarding experience, a lot of knowledge, learnings and above all it took me a lot to reflect on. It was a very interesting space and with a super cool atmosphere.

Paola - Mexico student

Yes, I would like to see it [regenÜrate] in schools, because it is necessary that in education at all levels, they provide us with comprehensive knowledge with useful techniques.

Alejandra - Mexico student

In the school from which I graduated, education is thematic and traditional, spaces are not opened in this way for new subjects like this, and the possibilities of new and different dynamics are closed.

Sofía - student Colombia

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