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Renewable energy

Diana and Diego

Aug 30, 2020

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Grades 9-12 explored adversities related to Global Goals 7. Clean and Affordable Energy and 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth.

The first week we built different prototypes for renewable energies, we discussed different adversities regarding their implementation on a mega scale. We strategized about how to implement energy systems in our local contexts. By means of the hands-on action, students engaged with the social, political, economical, cultural and environmental contexts of their own countries. The second week we analyzed the impacts of micro-finance institutions, how to organize a personal budget, and crafting applications to financial funds for projects.

In the impact assessments, students were empathetic and emotional when they had to give their point of view about the current adversities they face globally, nationally, and locally. Parents, guardians, and students told us how this encounter had been a different learning process to the one they experience at school, because the diversity, inclusion and practicality of the activities kept them encouraged and excited.

As facilitators through out this process, we embraced the challenges that allowed us to explore our potential along side students. It was a constant learning of new knowledge, concepts, ways of being and sharing. The training was empowering and students gave us promising feedback.

We are looking forward to our next Global Training in Regeneration!