Welcome to Regenerative Education!

At regenÜrate we create educational curricula and services to catalyze regenerative innovation. We motivate students ages 6 to 18 years old to investigate the realities they are living in order to experiment, innovate, mobilize and implement regenerative actions. 


And what is Regenerative Education? It is giving life to life!


On Earth, there are about three trillion trees and 10-14 million species, of which only 10% have been identified and more than 86% have not yet been explored. Humanity represents only 0.01% of living creatures, and yet has been responsible for the extinction of 83% of wild animals and 50% of plant life in the last 75 years. The decisions we make today can paint a different future!

Every action results in an impact, but not all have the same effect. What kind of relationships do we build with what surrounds us, and what are its effects?