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Talking with Carlos and Gilberto

Few things excite us as much as meeting those who will be joining us during the Workshops! And it is even more touching to see second-time students like Carlos and Gilberto, who have very different dreams, but share a wonderful willingness to participate and create.

Gilberto is 12 years old and is from Mexico. He loves technology and his dream is to be an inventor. He wants to create something that serves the environment and people, for example cars that clean the air, as if they were trees. "That concern came to me because of everything you hear in the news, that a lot of people don't have enough resources to get water, and so on." As a result of the Workshop on Global Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation, this seed in him germinated and he was encouraged to implement water-saving measures at home.

Carlos is 13 years old and is from Guatemala. His dream is to enter a university career in violin. At home they have reevaluated their consumption and waste disposal habits. Like Gilberto, Carlos came with his own seed. He understands regeneration not only as caring for things, but in relation to the process of brain regeneration. "Regenerating is a way of acting and thinking, because you throw away what is useless to you and take what is useful to you, and with that you create new content."

Gilberto returned to the Workshops because he wanted to continue looking for ways to help people, or simply participate in conversations that would teach him something more about the world. Carlos came back to learn something different than what he learns in school. "It's like a surprise to see what's coming," he told us curiously.

Each person has a seed, and all we need is tilled soil to expand. Thank you for coming back and sharing with our team!

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