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Diversified and customizable educational products and services

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At regenÜrate we offer learning modules which include: 


  • Educational Materials (Activity Books for students ages 6-18 years, and Pedagogical Guide for Educators)

  • Training sessions for facilitators 

  • Training sessions for students 

  • Impact evaluations for students and facilitators with personalized feedback

  • Data analysis reports for institutions 

All of our products services can be adapted and combined according to the needs of the student body and the mission of the institution or learning objectives. Contact us for more information!


Innovative curricula for students and teachers

Activity Books for Students

Illustrated curricula for students ages 6 to 18 years, whose themes correspond to the 17 Global Goals.

  • Built from inclusive, transdisciplinary and practical activities.

  • Oriented to analyze global adversities and innovate regenerative actions.

  • Enriched with diverse pedagogical tools (play-based, artistic, scientific, problem-solving, games, etc.).

  • Aligned with the educational standards of the most innovative countries for each age group. 

  • Each Activity Book is accompanied by a plant or animal character. It uses ethological, biological, and ecological knowledge to help build empathy and motivate the students to catalyze regenerative paths.

Examples of facilitator guides. It is shown through an analogy of a kitchen, the pedagogical process that is suggested to the facilitators.

Impact Evaluation

Our assessment methods are meant to provide individual feedback to students and facilitators. We assess different indicators to track the growth including the process of learning, development of life skills, emotional intelligence, and taking actions to contribute to the Global Goals. Our metrics and parameters are built from neurological, educational, and behavioral studies. 

  • For students and facilitators, these assessments function as a self-evaluation tool. Based on these responses, they receive personalized feedback from our team.

  • For institutions, the impact evaluations are accompanied by a report that provides a data analysis on the impact of the regenerative experience.

  • For regenÜrate, these impact evaluations provide feedback to continue evolving our educational packages. 

Example image of a student book. It shows an open book where the process of the digestive system is explained with a character.

Pedagogical Guide for Educators

Each Activity Book is accompanied by a Pedagogical Guide for Educators designed for teachers, community educators, families, and caregivers who wish to facilitate the regenerative process. The Pegagogical Guide:

  • Details a series of educational tools to adapt activities to virtual modalities and functional diversity, project proposals, pedagogical complements, and advice for managing students’ mental and emotional health.

  • Contains a panorama of all the missions that make up the students' Activity Book, providing answers to exercises, and sample responses. 

  • Provides relevant data on different realities  related to the Global Goal to motivate dialogues and the search for transformative actions at the individual and collective level.

  • Strengthens the commitment to regenerative education through insights for facilitators.  

  • Delves deeper into the life of the animal or plant character that accompanies each Activity Book.

Computer image. On the screen, an exercise for children is displayed where they must choose from a series of different uses of water, which one generates the least impact.
libro estudiantes

Soon, you will be able to download the introductory guide!

Stay tuned for news on regenÜrate. We are creating a guide that you will be able to download for free to savor the flavors of regenÜrate.

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